Know what you don’t know about your retail supply chain
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Your ROI isn’t everything—it’s the only thing

Retail supply chains are not getting simpler. Often you don’t know what you don’t know. And that lack of knowledge can be costly.

Working with retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, we offer a unique blend of consulting and data-related services to uncover opportunities for cost-savings and new revenues, in companies large and small.

In fact, if we can’t make a business case showing a measurable return to your bottom line, we’ll walk away.

Our Services

Data Sharing & Analysis

We build and manage data sharing communities within specific retail market sectors (e.g. convenience and grocery). We collect, cleanse and deliver point-of-service information to community members in whatever format they require. Members of our data sharing community can use their own resources to analyse the information that we provide, or use our industry analysts to provide insights and strategic advice.

Ordering & Replenishment

We generate suggested orders from the sales and inventory data that we collect. Once an order is approved, it is delivered to the supplier via our Web-based EDI service which also provides electronic receiving, invoicing, reconciliation and payment.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Our real-time inventory management service uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to continuously track inventory items (and other assets) in stores, distribution centres and warehouses. It eliminates the need for physical stock counts and provides automatic alerts for low stock and stock-outs. The service can be integrated with existing inventory and security systems (CCTV, alarm, etc.) to significantly improve loss prevention.

Deals, Promotions & Rewards

This service allows members of our data sharing community to offer targeted, location-specific, timed-based deals and promotions to potential buyers (within or outside the community) and reward them with coupons, punches or points for their participation. It also aggregates and analyses community deals and those from third parties to improve targeting and offers, and gain insights into buyer behaviour and local competition.

Small Retailers

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Large Retailers

If you own a small to medium sized group of independent stores or franchises (or even a large retail chain) and want to reduce your supply chain and operating costs while improving visibility and control over your operations, we can help ...


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Information Providers

If you want timely, reliable sales and inventory data from independent retailers and retail groups, to facilitate your consumer analyses and insights, we can help ...