Deals, Promotions & Rewards

Our service called, DealsOnDGo, allows members of LDM’s data sharing community to trade with each other; and with existing or potential customers outside the community.

DealsOnDGo also aggregates and analyses deals from third-party deal sites, so that community members can see what deals are being offered by their local competitors.

The service consists of:

  • A web-based application for sellers to create and manage deals and rewards.
  • A web-based application for buyers to view and filter offers by city, postal code and/or category.
  • A mobile application for buyers that delivers deals according to their preferences and locations.

How Does It Work?

After registration, members can create their own deals and promotions.
Once created, targeted buyers are alerted to the deal via email, SMS or our mobile application.
Users can comment, refer, and share these deals via Facebook and other social networking sites.

Deal Types

DealsOnDGo allows sellers to create and manage 3 deal types:

  • Coupon Deals
  • Punch Card Deals
  • Group Deals

Buyer Rewards

All deals can generate buyer rewards.
Loyalty points are used to determine the buyer’s eligibility and the seller determines rate at which points are issued, the types of rewards available and the number of points required to redeem a reward.

Deal Analytics

DealsOnDGo collects and analyses related data to measure the success of deals and promotions, improve targeting, and provide sellers with valuable insights into buyer behaviour and local competition.

Seller Benefits

  • Helping to acquire new buyers
  • Encouraging in-store and online traffic
  • Building buyer loyalty
  • Connecting them with buyers in real-time
  • Generating word of mouth advertising through existing social networking sites
  • Measuring the success of deals and promotions
  • Improving the targeting of deals and promotions