Our Approach

Retail supply chains are not getting simpler. Often you don’t know what you don’t know. And that lack of knowledge can be costly.

Working with retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, we offer a unique blend of consulting and data-related services to uncover opportunities for cost-savings and new revenues, in  companies large and small.

In fact, if we can’t make a business case showing a measurable return to your bottom line, we’ll walk away.

Why we’re different

Because each of our consultant-partners has over 30 years of experience in global retail supply chains, our perspective can offer you insight from a bird’s-eye point-of-view.

Or, we can focus on challenges within your enterprise, and in the way you work with others in your supply chain.

What’s more, in working with us:

  • You’re not buying technology. Our data-related services are subscription-based.
  • You’re not buying consultancy. We’ll be happy to rebate our fees incrementally as we move forward with our solution.
  • You’ll find our solutions complement your systems. No matter what your set-up, we’ll bridge any gaps.
  • Your consultants and our team will work in harmony. We play well with others.