About Lakeshore Data

We are an information services and technology company specialising in the retail/distribution supply chain.

Data is at the core of everything we do.

We collect raw data in real-time from retail outlets and other sources (transactions, images, sensor data); and transform it into actionable information (alerts, business analytics, supply chain data, scan data, fiscal data).

Since information without action is worthless, we also offer our considerable retail/distribution industry expertise to help our clients use the information we create to streamline their business processes, reduce cost and improve profitability.

Our clients are retailers and their supply chain partners – manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, brokers and agents. Although we work with both large and small retailers, we like to work with independent retailers and retail groups (franchises, buying groups, cooperatives) to give them the same benefits as their larger competitors.

Although we use state-of-the-art open systems and Cloud-based technologies to deliver our services, technology is not the focus of our business.

Our focus is each client’s bottom line: understanding his/her specific needs and delivering a customised business solution with a positive return on investment (ROI).