Data Sharing & Analysis

LDM builds and manages data sharing communities within the global independent retail/distribution supply chain.

LDM brings together independent retailers, independent retail groups (franchises, regional banners, buyng groups, cooperatives, etc.); and their suppliers (manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors) to help fine-tune marketing and sales strategies and reduce supply chain costs.

There are 3 components to LDM’s Data Sharing service:

  • Data Capture
  • Data Analysis & Decision Support
  • Data Mining

Data Capture

LDM’s Data Sharing Services captures point-of-sale (POS) transaction data, in near real-time, and transforms it into usable information, which is shared with permission between members of the LDM Data Sharing community.

The Data Sharing Service securely transmits captured data to the LDM Data Centre for processing and analysis. Data is validated, cleansed, and analyzed and the resulting information is delivered electronically to members authorized to receive it.

Data Analysis and Decision

The goal of LDM’s Data Analysis and Decision Support service is to provide usable, action oriented information to members of its data sharing community.

For independent retailers and retail groups, this means quickly alerting them to issues requiring immediate action in key areas such as loss prevention, pricing discrepancies, stock-outs, tax compliance, manpower planning, etc. It also means giving them visibility of their sales performance versus their local competitors by item, category, brand and manufacturer.

For suppliers, this information gives them “a view of the battlefield” (i.e. suppliers see what they are selling versus their competition, in any given location); highlights opportunities to increase market share; and measures the effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns based on actual sales to consumers rather than shipments to retailers.

Data Mining

LDM’s Data Mining service takes the decision-making process to the next level by providing in-depth market basket analysis to determine consumer buying behavior; and identify potential up-sell and cross-promotional opportunities.