Ordering & Replenishment

Small independent businesses do not have the manpower or technology to deal effectively and efficiently with large, highly automated trading partners.

LDM’s Ordering & Replenishment service bridges the gap, by simplifying and automating ordering, receiving and invoicing to allow small organizations to share in the cost savings and other benefits enjoyed by large organizations.

In addition to orders and invoices, other documents such as delivery notes and price files can be handled within Ordering & Replenishment.

LDM’s Ordering & Replenishment service features include:

Ordering & Receiving

  • Simple, Web-based order entry
  • One order entry method for all orders
  • Suggested orders automatically generated for members of LDM’s data sharing community
  • Latest product and pricing information available at order entry

Invoice Matching

  • Will stop and/or warn of incorrectly priced invoices
  • Will stop and/or warn of a mismatch on delivered quantities
  • Suppliers can request price changes, product deletions, additions, description changes and pack-size changes
  • Fully secure – retailers and suppliers can only see their own prices

Electronic Data Interchange

  • Integration with back office systems and seamless operation with existing EDI environments
  • Electronic documents supported include orders, invoices, credit notes, ASNs, delivery notes, statements and payments
  • Suppliers can type documents in manually, upload CSV or Excel spreadsheets and the retailer will receive standard EDI documents

Promotional Marketing

Enables retailers and suppliers to promote special deals

Issue Resolution in the Cloud

  • Issues are alerted through the use of email and/or SMS messaging
  • Allows suppliers and retailers to exchange comments and resolve issues in a collaborative environment

Document Search Engine

A comprehensive search capability is available

Management Reporting

  • Comprehensive operational statistics
  • Supplier performance management
  • Supplier compliance management

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

LDM’s OCR solution equips a single operator to process large numbers of paper documents each day, reducing costs and promoting efficiencies.