Environment Management

Small independent supermarkets and convenience stores spend significant amounts annually on energy costs for refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, lighting, and other power needs.

When stores are designed, owners focus on selecting and installing the most cost-effective and efficient equipment available to keep energy costs as low as possible. However, over time, inefficiencies, invisible to the owner begin to creep in and will grow to significantly reduce operational performance and increase energy and maintenance costs.

Predictive Maintenance

LDM’s Environment Management service is available to members of LDM’s data sharing community. It leverages the in-store technical and networking infrastructure installed as part of LDM’s Data Sharing service, to provide community members with predictive maintenance for their refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, and lighting equipment.

The service monitors the operation and performance of this equipment 24/7, and based on manufacturer-specified performance criteria, immediately alerts owners to operating inefficiencies and potential equipment failures.

If, for example, the pressure in a refrigerator compressor changes beyond set limits; or a refrigerator door is not properly closed; or if someone incorrectly changes equipment settings; LDM’s Environment Management service instantly notifies the store owner or manager via email or an SMS message so that corrective action can be taken before more costly repairs are required.

Retailer Benefits

The key benefits of LDM’s Environment Management service to independent retailers and retail groups are:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Advance warning of potential equipment failures. This could potentially report a natural disaster impacting a location.
  • Reduced maintenance costs